Introducing: EA Podcasts!

by Daniel A. Kaufman


The Electric Agora is adding a podcast/video streaming “wing” to our site! It can be accessed via the “Podcast” tab at the top of EA’s homepage. Videos are hosted on YouTube, on a dedicated channel to which you can subscribe.

Right now, the links will take you to YouTube.  But soon, they will be embedded here, so regular commenters can discuss them here at EA.

EA Podcasts is launching with two shows: Sophia, a philosophy-oriented program, hosted by Dan Kaufman, Robert Gressis, and others, and Learning and Forgetting, an education-focused program hosted by Kevin Currie-Knight. A third show, hosted by Robert Gressis will be coming soon.

All of our shows will be available both as streaming video and audio-only podcasts, which will be available from all of the major podcasting providers.  An announcement will be made when the audio-podcast goes live.

As always, all of our content will remain free and non-paywalled.

Sophia will no longer be hosted on MeaningofLife.TV.  Two dialogues recorded prior to our separation — one with David Ottlinger and myself and one with Robert Gressis and Kevin Currie-Knight, will post on both sites by way of transition.

I have had a number of queries as to why Sophia is leaving the BloggingHeads network.  A short essay explaining the circumstances of our departure is forthcoming.

We look forward to seeing you over at EA Podcasts!  And to welcoming new audiences to the EA family!





One response to “Introducing: EA Podcasts!”

  1. Grateful to hear the Sophia content will continue. During these times of lockdown, the stimulation these discussions provide are a very welcome alternative to just online business meetings and at least partial isolation. Subscribed!