Debussy, Chicken Piccata, and Racist Beethoven

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ One of my favorite Debussy compositions, played exquisitely. Outstanding talk by Brian Leiter on the “Hermeneutics of Suspicion.” Two fantastically simple recipes that I have made recently, and which are excellent. Chili Chicken Piccata Oliver Traldi’s Very Polite Evisceration of Kate Manne’s Latest Effort in Polemics... Continue Reading →

Bret Easton Ellis, British Labour in the Wilderness, and Barszcz Czysty Czerwony (Polish Beet Soup)

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ Terrific interview with Tom Stoppard, one of our greatest living playwrights. A pretty fascinating dialogue between Bret Easton Ellis and Eric Weinstein on Los Angeles and Generation X. Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics at the University of Kent, offers an excellent analysis of Labour’s historic loss in the... Continue Reading →

3:16, Tarantino, the Avengers, and Apizza

by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ My interview with Richard Marshall at 3:16AM (formerly 3AM). Damon Linker on the bizarre 1619 project, over at the NYT. Caitlan Flanagan nails it with respect to Quentin Tarantino's terrific Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Wonderful documentary on the incomparable TV show, The Avengers. For... Continue Reading →

Meaning, Hummus Masabacha, and Def Leppard

By Daniel A. Kaufman ___ Bernard Williams is one of the top 5 greatest post WWII philosophers.  Here is a new website devoted to collecting everything available by and about him. Rare and very high quality live footage of Def Leppard, from 1983, when they were still a hard-rocking NWOBHM band. (Concert split into... Continue Reading →

Oxford, Palm Desert Rock, and Grilled Cheese

Steve Davies gives one of the best characterizations I’ve heard of the political realignment presently occurring in the West; one that is rendering traditional Left/Right designations meaningless. In-depth, musically scorching documentary on the Palm Desert rock scene of the early ‘90s. And an article about it. Interesting piece on Albert Camus, who... Continue Reading →

Bernard Williams, Blackadder, and Latkes

by Daniel A. Kaufman Terrific piece on the philosophy of Bernard Williams Bad Religion, Live in 1989 (Complete show) Talk Talk, “Life’s What You Make it” Live in 1986 Hilary Putnam on Naïve Realism and Qualia Comprehensive Documentary on the Incomparable Black Adder Chanukah May be Over but Here’s a... Continue Reading →

Feminism, Mental Representation, and Churros

by Daniel A. Kaufman A disturbing glimpse into the way contemporary gender identity politics is compromising science and medicine. How progressive politics have ruined comedy. A detailed history of the original feminists, which their contemporary progeny should read carefully. [The late] Jerry Fodor’s brilliant and hilarious survey of theories of mental representation.... Continue Reading →

Shakshuka, Mental States, and Iron Maiden

by Daniel A. Kaufman The flagship feminist philosophy journal, Hypatia, still reeling from the scandal involving its treatment of Rebecca Tuvel, finds itself humiliated once again, this time by a Sokal-style hoax. For those who need a refresher on the Tuvel affair: Rare, amazing footage of Iron Maiden from their New Wave of... Continue Reading →

Supertramp, Egg Salad and Darwin

by Daniel A. Kaufman A terrific takedown of the current, narcissistic “self-improvement” madness. High quality video of Supertramp playing live in 1979. My dialogue with Justin Weinberg of the Daily Nous on the current state of Philosophy. A deliciously vicious dustup between Patricia Churchland and Colin McGinn.  Plus more from Marcia Cavell... Continue Reading →

Balthus, Poirot, Strudel, and Rakka

by Daniel A. Kaufman A beautiful documentary about David Suchet’s remarkable portrayal of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, for 25 years. A thoughtful, articulate essay on Balthus that is exactly the sort of thing we need more of in today’s rush to “cleanse” history of its “problematic” artists and works. The late Jerry Fodor... Continue Reading →

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