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  • What’s Money?

    by Robert Gressis ____ David Dick (of the University of Calgary) and Robert Gressis talk about the differences between American and Canadian universities (as usual, the Canadians use funny words); what it’s like to teach in a business school (David often has to sprinkle ethics on papers); David’s research in the philosophy of money (does […]


    by Robert Gressis ____ In this episode of Everyday Philosophers, I talked with Yvonne Chiu (US Naval War College) about what it’s like to teach at a military institution (no, you can’t make your students do push-ups) and her research on the unsustainability of soft authoritarianism. 0:03:29​ The US Naval War College: “where is […]

  • Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and community college

    by Robert Gressis ____ I talked with Alberto Mendoza-Larreynaga (Adjunct Professor of philosophy at Antelope Valley College) about what it’s like to teach philosophy in a community college, as well as writing an ever-changing textbook addressed to community college students. 01:59​ The students at Antelope Valley College 08:06​ How do you teach students academic […]

  • On Catholic Colleges and the atonement: a conversation with Chris Dodsworth

    by Robert Gressis ___ Chris Dodsworth (Professor, Spring Hill College) and I talk about what it’s like to teach at a Catholic college (spoiler: it’s good!) and the doctrine of the Atonement. We focus in particular on why Christians care about the Atonement, why the doctrine is baffling, how to make it less baffling, and […]