Plea For Patience Redux

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ To EA's readers and contributors. Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, January 11), I will be embarking on an 18 hour drive to New York. I will be splitting the drive into two days. My father is very near his end, and my mother is no longer capable of doing even the household... Continue Reading →

please be patient with me!

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ To the EA readership: My father has once again been hospitalized for the effects of Congestive Heart Failure.  I will be traveling to New York this Friday.  Please be patient with me, as content and discussion moderation may be a bit less efficient than usual.  I greatly appreciate it! I... Continue Reading →

everyday philosophers

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ Join EA's own Robert Gressis (Cal State Northridge) and his guests for EVERYDAY PHILOSOPHERS, a podcast dedicated to conversations with the non-celebrity philosophers who do most of the teaching and research in the US and elsewhere.

Welcome Mariah Gregg-Fling: EA’s House Artist

Since we began in 2015, the Electric Agora has been enjoying a steadily increasing readership.  Last year, 2019, EA was read 209,170 times by 89,620 distinct readers. With increased readership comes increased attention, and I am concerned about the site's use of unlicensed images for its banners and article thumbnails. Mariah Gregg-Fling is a former... Continue Reading →

EA Taking a Brief Hiatus

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ EA will be going on a brief hiatus, as I confront a family emergency.  My father is in medical ICU, and his future is uncertain at the current moment. If any of our fine writers sends me an essay, I will publish it, but I will not be able to... Continue Reading →

APA Nominations

by Daniel A. Kaufman I know that it is last-hour -- nominations close today -- but for those APA members who are readers, please nominate Justin Kalef and Shane Wilkins for the APA leadership.  Both have committed themselves to working to refocus the organization's attention away from identity politics and towards purely professional concerns.  More... Continue Reading →

Please Welcome our Newest Contributor, Bharath Vallabha

Bharath Vallabha studied philosophy at Cornell and Harvard, and taught at Bryn Mawr. In academia he specialized in philosophy of mind and action, with a focus on embodied cognition and its relation to ordinary language philosophy, phenomenology and pragmatism. Currently he has an administrative job at an accounting firm in the DC area. His reasons... Continue Reading →

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