Daniel A. Kaufman, Co-Founder, Publisher, and Editor


 Daniel A. Kaufman got his B.A. in history and philosophy at the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is Professor of Philosophy at Missouri State University, and his main areas of interest are aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, and the philosophy of language.

He is the author of numerous articles in philosophy, including “Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Philosopher” (Philosophy), “Family Resemblances, Relationalism, and the Meaning of ‘Art’” (The British Journal of Aesthetics), and “Interpretation and the Investigative Model of Criticism” (Angelaki). He also hosts the Sophia program on BloggingHeads.TV, a show devoted to philosophy and the humanities, more generally.

Daniel Tippens, Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large

Daniel Tippens is a former PhD student at the University of Miami and author of a number of popular articles which have appeared in Philosophy Now, Think, Quillette, and the Blog of the American Philosophical Association. In his professional endeavors he has published a technical work in the journal Erkenntnis about cross-modal perception.