Getting Personal About Race and “Transracial” Families

by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ Sheena (SUNY Oneanta) and Kevin (East Carolina University) continue an ongoing conversation about the idea of race and Sheena's arguments about racelessnes. This episode gets more personal about Sheena's and Kevin's respective connections to "transracial" families. Sheena was adopted into a "transracial" family and Kevin is adopting a daughter who is... Continue Reading →

What Can Philosophy Actually Do?

by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ Robert Gressis (Cal State Northridge), Dan Kaufman (Missouri State) and Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina) discuss what is and isn't realistic to expect of philosophy. Topics include realism (Rob) and antirealism (Dan and Kevin), Foundationalism (maybe Rob) and anti-Foundationalism (Dan and Kevin), and what we do when we attempt to ground... Continue Reading →

Belated New Year Contributors’ Roundtable

by Robert Gressis, Daniel Kaufman, and Kevin Currie-Knight ___ Robert, Kevin and I inaugurate a new feature at EA: a New Years Contributors' Roundtable. Publication was delayed due to my father's passing, so please excuse the discussion's lateness. Most if not all of what we discussed remains relevant, though of course, this was recorded well... Continue Reading →

A Sunny Nihilism?

by Kevin Currie-Knight ___ Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) chats with Wendy Syfret (VICE Asia) about her new book The Sunny Nihilist: How a Meaningless Life Can Make You Truly Happy. We talk about why the modern world relentlessly seeks meaning in everything, whether nihilism is a viable or liberating response, and whether/how nihilism is... Continue Reading →

Assessing Richard Hanania’s Conservatism

by Robert Gressis ___ In this episode, Robert Gressis (philosophy, California State University, Northridge) and David Leitch (political science, California State University, Northridge) discuss the work of aspiring conservative public intellectual, Richard Hanania. 01:01 - Let’s talk about sex, baby! 04:44 - Hanania’s master idea—give the right a policy program. 15:57 - Wokeness and... Continue Reading →

The (Im)Possibility of Discussion on Social Media

by Kevin Currie-Knight ___ Sheena Mason (SUNY Oneonta) and Kevin Currie-Knight dialogue about the perils and promises of discussion on social media. (Sheena is more optimistic about the potential than Kevin is.) Along the way, they talk about perspectives on truth and whether humans are capable of getting it in an objective way, the postmodern-y... Continue Reading →

Growing Up Metal and Grunge

by Daniel Kaufman & Kevin Currie-Knight ____ EA's own Kevin Currie-Knight and I discuss our respective essays, Growing up Metal and Growing up Grunge. We talk about the appeal of heavy music and different conceptions of masculinity, the differences between early and late Gen Xers, growing up in the 1970's and '80's, authenticity, and much... Continue Reading →

A Discussion with Michael Grenke on Lise van Boxel’s “Warspeak: Nietzsche’s Victory over Nihilism”

by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ Michael Grenke of St. John's College, Annapolis and I discuss the late Lise van Boxel's book, "Warspeak: Nietzsche's Victory over Nihilism" (Political Animal Press, 2021). 00:35 About Lise van Boxel and St. John’s College 06:00 Nietzsche and Nihilism 12:50 The Good, the Transcendent, and Nihilism 19:00 Philosophy as Genealogy... Continue Reading →

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