Shifting Focus

Daniel Tippens

How will you look for it … when you do not know at all what it is? How will you aim to search for something you do not know at all? If you should meet with it, how will you know that this is the thing that you did not know?

 Plato, Meno


As readers know, I started my PhD program last year at the University of Miami. As the academic calendar approaches once again, I’ve decided to take a step back from the Electric Agora to focus on my formal studies. It has been a real pleasure working on and writing for the Electric Agora, and I hope to join you all again in due time, once I’ve developed further as a philosopher.

This decision is a difficult one, but I’ve recently been reminded what a PhD program is supposed to be: a space to train and develop as a thinker, individual, and philosopher, under expert guidance,. I’ll certainly continue to follow EA and look forward to seeing how it develops over the years. I want to thank all of the contributors who have tirelessly written for this outlet, for it wouldn’t be where it is without you. And of course I would be remiss to not give a special thank you to editor, co-founder, friend, and mentor Dan Kaufman, who patiently helped to cultivate my writing, thinking, and passion for philosophy, not to mention taking on an incredible workload to keep this site running for free and with rich content.

Hopefully once my studies have completed, or as they near completion, I’ll return to the Agora to converse in digital space with all of you once again.







7 responses to “Shifting Focus”

  1. s. wallerstein

    Dan T.,

    I wish you very well with your studies and look forward to reading what you write when you return to the Electric Agora in the future.

  2. Dan T.
    I think s. wallerstein said it best for all. Best of luck on PhD.

  3. All the best, Dan. Hope you find your niche.

  4. davidlduffy

    We’lll look forward to reading some thesis chapters here further down the track. Have fun!

  5. Dan-T, I will miss you. Your writings were models of clarity and insight. Your opinions were always charitable and well intentioned. Best of luck in this big step of your academic career. Labnut.

  6. How will you look for it … when you do not know at all what it is?

    this is such an important question that goes to heart of our nature. The answer is to ignite in oneself an insatiable, all consuming, driving curiosity that is powered by a sense of wonder. This curiosity is of necessity, humble. It is humble because it must discard preconceptions, ideology, identity politics, essentially all things that act as the gatekeepers of our mind.

    Curiosity discovers what one was not looking for, it reveals the unexpected and delights with surprise. Curiosity does not condemn the fruits of other people’s curiosity, but tries to experience the wonder of their discoveries.

  7. All the best with in this exciting and challenging time, Dan. I have no doubt at all that your will do very well.