Course Notes

The Editors of The Electric Agora are pleased to announce the beginning of a new series on the magazine, “Course Notes.”

A number of EA contributors are teachers, and it occurred to us that a lot of interesting things go on in our classrooms — interesting material, interesting lectures, interesting exchanges and discussions with students — and that our readers might enjoy hearing about some of them.  Like This Weeks Special and Provocations pieces, Course Notes entries will be relatively concise, the primary purpose being to spark interest, not to have any kind of final say on a subject. Also like This Weeks Special and Provocations, the topics that Course Notes cover will be somewhat haphazard, contingent as they are, on peoples syllabi and on the quality of classroom discussion on any given day.

We hope our readers will find the new content interesting and entertaining!







2 responses to “Course Notes”

  1. labnut

    I think this is a great idea and will enrich the site.

    Another idea I would like to suggest is a debate format modelled on the NY Times ‘Room For Debate’ series. You could post a short but controversial position statement. Each of EA’s regular contributors would be asked to make a 1000 word reply.

    Yet another idea, also borrowed from the NY Times, would be to state a current ethical problem, and invite regular contributors to state their position in no more than 1000 words. You might call it ‘Ethically Speaking’.

    These columns would demonstrate the relevance of philosophical thinking to ordinary life.

  2. labnut

    And congratulations on creating this site. I find it rich, stimulating and informative. It is developing a community of thoughtful people who add much value to the essays. Your strong growth in readership is well deserved.