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  • Why I’m Sitting in this Chair

    by Robert Gressis A couple of months ago, I had a diavlog with our host, Dan Kaufman. In that discussion, we debated what Dan has usefully called the “morality everywhere” approach; roughly, this is the idea not only that just about all of our behavior is morally evaluable, but also that it is evaluable according…

  • “Morality Everywhere” and the Humanities on Strike

    by Daniel A. Kaufman My dialogue with Robert Gresis on the “morality everywhere” problem, and my discussion with Nathan Eckstrand on his essay suggesting humanities professors should go on strike.  

  • Course Notes – Susan Wolf, “Moral Saints”

    by Daniel A. Kaufman http://www.rationalites-contemporaines.paris-sorbonne.fr/IMG/pdf/Wolf1.pdf I am currently teaching Ethics and Contemporary Issues, a course devoted to ethical theories and moral controversies that is part of the university’s General Education curriculum.  The opening unit is devoted to theory, and one of the essays we take up, towards the unit’s end, is Susan Wolf’s “Moral Saints,”…