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  • Where Does Racism Come From? A Response to Michael Huemer

    By Kevin Currie-Knight ___ Philosopher Michael Huemer thinks we should stop talking to kids about race so much, at least in their social studies classes at school. In a recent piece for the Fake Nous, he argues that if racism is at all evident in today’s culture, it probably has to do with the fact […]

  • Race Talk

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ Race talk – using racial categories as descriptors in conversation – is inevitably clunky. For the past several years I’ve noticed this, especially as the teacher of an Introduction to Diversity class where we discuss racial diversity, among other things. Race is a hard thing to talk about sensibly, not just […]

  • Is Race a Social Construct or Is It Not Real?

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ The second in a planned series of dialogues between Sheena Mason (SUNY Oneonta) and Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina) on philosophies of race. In this dialogue, Sheena and Kevin flesh out the difference between saying that race is a social construction and (Sheena’s position) that race isn’t real in any sense. https://youtu.be/zHVre-z2Be4 […]

  • Race Skepticism and the Racial Satire of George Schuyler

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ Kevin Currie-Knight and Sheena Mason (SUNY Oneonta) discuss Sheena’s theory of racelessness, why she is a race skeptic and eliminativist, and their mutual interest in the race satire of Harlem Renaissance writer George Schuyler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRkhokQ2ol0&t=11s&ab_channel=ElectricAgora :05 – Why talk about race always seems so polarized and partisan 7:45 – Sheena is […]