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  • Growing up Astros

    by Milton Lawson ___ The Start In June of 1978, there was nothing I hated more than the Houston Astros. I had just moved to a new city during summer break. I had no friends. The highlight of my day was watching a Spider-Man cartoon.  As a latch-key Gen-X kid, I would make my own…

  • Some Thoughts on Spoilers

    by Milton Lawson ____ I recently saw a tweet in favor of spoilers that said the following: I’m extremely pro-spoilers, personally. If my enjoyment of a thing hinges on a twist, I generally doubt I’ll like it much afterward. If I know what’s coming but getting there is the best part, that’s the good stuff.…

  • Thompson Heller Detective Interstellar: A Conversation with Milton Lawson

    Comic creator and writer Milton Lawson and I discuss his new book “Thompson Heller Detective Interstellar” and dive deeply into the creative process involved in bringing an original comic to life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJOg6HteUHI&ab_channel=AravisTarkheena