Tag: Marxism

  • An Ethical Response to Fascism

    by E. John Winner ___ There can be a profound difference between confrontation and conflict. Confrontation simply involves facing the world as it is, and facing others as they are. Doing so can bring out the most creative of our resources; the most charitable toward others. Conflict can establish unbreachable barriers between ourselves and others,…

  • Two Kinds of Diversity: Identity and Ideological

    by Robert Gressis ___ Libertarians, like Robert Nozick, care most of all about negative freedom, i.e., freedom from interference. If you have little money, but the appropriate agency protects you from force and fraud, then you have negative freedom, even if you find yourself unable to do much of what you want to do. Consequently,…

  • Politics as Religion

    by Mark English In a recent piece, I referred to a dispute between Hannah Arendt and Jules Monnerot that brought into sharp relief some perennially important – and contentious – questions about the nature of politics and political commitment. In the late 1940’s, Monnerot had written a book which characterized communism as a secular religion,…

  • Mini-Symposium on Sex and Gender: My Discussion with Jane Clare Jones

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ My discussion with Jane Clare Jones on sex, gender, feminism, progressivism, and liberalism. Originally aired on MeaningofLife.TV, Monday, July 8, 2019.  

  • Classical Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and Contemporary Identity Politics

    by Daniel A. Kaufman My dialogue with Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago, on classical Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and contemporary Identity Politics.  Originally aired on MeaningofLife.TV, July 31. https://youtu.be/PyQDKOrmQpI