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  • Childhood with Aba

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ It’s been several months, now, since my father – “Aba” – died, and the memory of these last, difficult years has receded just enough for some of the earlier, happier ones to begin to re-emerge.  The last thing I worked with him on was Start-Ups, a book about his life […]

  • Thinking of Aba

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ It is a strange thing to stare down at a box in a hole in the ground and think that your father is inside it, but that’s exactly what I did last Monday, when we buried my dad, Alexander Kaufman, who would have been 94 years old this June. I […]


    Part Two ___ From MANDATORY PALESTINE ___ When he picked us up at the port upon our arrival, my uncle Max brought his daughter Ruth along, and she became my first playmate. She was my cousin, born in Mannheim too, but her family had moved to Stuttgart where I once visited and where we rode […]