Tag: Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • A Pragmatic Option

    by Jay Jeffers ____ American Pragmatism has been controversial from the start. It was accused of “cosmic impiety” by Bertrand Russell, a founding father of Anglophone analytic philosophy. Rifts developed quickly even within the young school of thought, with the original pragmatist Charles Sanders Peirce renaming his approach “pragmaticism,” which he thought was “ugly enough…

  • Three Lectures in Aesthetics

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ Three lectures from this semester’s upper-division course in Aesthetics [PHI 320] at Missouri State University.  My topics include: Formalism; Clive Bell; The Wittgenstein-inspired view that ‘art’ cannot be defined; Morris Weitz; Maurice Mandelbaum; Relational Definitions; and The Institutional Theory of Art. Following the video lecture links are the three sets…

  • On the philosophy of religion

    by Daniel A. Kaufman Megan Fritts of Utah State and I discuss the Philosophy of Religion and in particular, my allegation that in today’s day and age, the subject is a matter of purely historical interest and not a live concern. https://youtu.be/e6-qHREldQ0

  • The Analytic/Continental Split

    by Daniel A. Kaufman My discussion with Crispin Sartwell on the Analytic/Continental divide.  Originally aired on the Sophia program, MeaningofLife.TV., April 10, 2019.

  • Wittgenstein, Russell, and Lawrence

    by Mark English I recently wrote a piece in which I looked at the views of some 20th-century thinkers on language, metaphysics, science and philosophy. My main focus was on the logical empiricists and Ludwig Wittgenstein. In his youth, Wittgenstein worked with Bertrand Russell and then subsequently with the Vienna Circle before taking a rather…