An Ethical Response to Fascism

by E. John Winner ___ There can be a profound difference between confrontation and conflict. Confrontation simply involves facing the world as it is, and facing others as they are. Doing so can bring out the most creative of our resources; the most charitable toward others. Conflict can establish unbreachable barriers between ourselves and others,... Continue Reading →

The Interdependence of Activists and Skeptics

by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ It started as a casual conversation between myself and a colleague, but quickly went in a heated and interesting direction. She and I were talking about our teaching, and I mentioned some class readings and discussions my sections were doing on a particular issue that my colleague and I both care... Continue Reading →

on authority [and rousseau’s fork]

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ Hannah Arendt maintained that one has authority, when one commands obedience from others, not by exercising power over them, but because they recognize and respect one’s right to do so. [1] To accept authority, then, is to accept hierarchy, which, in turn, is to accept a substantial if not formal... Continue Reading →

Liberalism, Diversity and Social Cohesion

by Kevin Currie-Knight ___ I am not as sure as I once was, and I suppose that means I’m doing this “getting older” thing right. What am I not so sure of? For the last ten years or so, I have been convinced that the technological and cultural inertia toward increased diversity and pluralism is... Continue Reading →

Cancel Culture is a Misdiagnosed Problem

by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ I’ve wanted to write this article for a while. Every time, though, I postpone for some reason. Not to worry, of course, because examples of what we call cancel culture abound. The trend seemingly has no expiration date. Whenever I worry that the examples I am going to use will become... Continue Reading →

Free Speech and Academic freedom in 2020: A Conversation with David Ottlinger

by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ EA's own David Ottlinger and I discuss the ongoing efforts to silence, de-platform, and otherwise "Cancel" Professor Kathleen Stock, of the University of Sussex for her work and activism on sex and gender related issues; the Daily Nous's treatment of this subject; and the more general question of the capacity... Continue Reading →

Liberalism and the Question of “Cancel Culture”

by Kevin Currie-Knight Cancel culture - the idea that it is increasingly hard to voice unpopular ideas without risking serious consequence - is illiberal. At least that seems to be an increasingly (and maybe ironically) prevalent view. But, in important way, it is arguably quite liberal. Maybe cancel culture is both liberal and illiberal depending... Continue Reading →

The Good Old Liberal Consensus

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ The editors have invited us to “examine a single philosopher or school, maybe a movement,” so that we might “consider how what passed for wisdom then may or may not help us now.”†  Undoubtedly, there are many areas in which we have surpassed the wisdom of our predecessors, but one... Continue Reading →

Mini-Symposium on Sex and Gender: Foucault and the Construction of Transgender Children

by Heather Brunskell-Evans ___ Thirty years ago, ‘the transgender child’ would not have made sense to the general public, nor would it have made sense to young people. Today, children and adolescents declare themselves transgender, the NHS refers some children for ‘gender-affirming’ therapy, and laws and policy are invented which uphold young people’s ‘choice’ to... Continue Reading →

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