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  • Red, White, and Blue

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ I was almost eight years old when the American Bicentennial Hit, and I remember it well. It was all over children’s television and especially, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and Schoolhouse Rock. The latter devoted an entire season to American history and government for the bicentennial, with the “I’m Just […]

  • Should We Listen to Voices of Color or to Progressive Activists?

    by Jay Jeffers ___ Despite what many mainstream progressives would like to believe, the term “Latinx” has increased significantly in use over the last several years. While it seemed a good guess that most U.S. Hispanics would reject the term, actual data has not been readily available. Research has been ongoing, however, and some of […]

  • Deplorable reasoning: Prepare for the apocalypse!

    by E. John Winner ___ Let’s begin with a prediction (likely, but not the only option so, given the unpredictably of the Reality TV President in the White House as I write): On January 20, 2021, two inaugurations for the Presidency will take place. One will happen in Washington, the legally determined official inauguration of […]

  • On Not Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

    by Kevin Currie-Knight I became eligible to vote when I turned 18, in 1995. I first cast a vote for President in 1996 (I can say with some shame that I voted for Ross Perot, a misguided protest vote). I’ve voted in every Presidential — and most other — election(s) ever since…. except this one. […]

  • The New Abnormal

    by Robert Gressis ___ I suspect that there’s a displaced desire for conflict animating a lot of political junkies: we can’t very well go and raid another tribe anymore, so we settle for destroying them in discourse. This is a rather preferable arrangement: both sides can leave a political debate telling themselves they have destroyed […]

  • A Perspective on Aspects of U.S. Foreign Policy

    by Mark English In the lead-up to the last presidential election, I saw Hillary Clinton as a more dangerous prospect than Donald Trump. As Marc Faber put it so succinctly (if hyperbolically) at the time: Trump would destroy America but Clinton would destroy the world. The logic went as follows. Hillary Clinton took, as her […]

  • How to Lose an Election that You Should Win in a Fucking Landslide

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ To his credit, Joe Biden has been running a brilliant campaign…by not running one. Other than for a brief moment at the Democratic National Convention, one rarely ever sees or hears from the man, which is ideal for two reasons: first, Biden can barely put together a coherent sentence and […]

  • Probability, Creeps, and Accusations: On Kate Manne on Tara Reade

    Joshua Mozersky ____ Let me begin with a model.  Suppose that there are 1000 men in the country and that 200 of them have committed ‘minor crimes’, things like shoplifting or turnstile jumping.  Next, suppose that 20 of the 1000 have committed ‘major crimes’: murder, kidnapping, assault.  While not everyone who commits a major crime […]