A Conversation with Holly Lawford-Smith

by Moti Gorin ____ Moti Gorin (Colorado State) talks with Holly Lawford-Smith (University of Melbourne) about her new book, "Gender Critical Feminism" (Oxford University Press). Please pardon us for some choppiness in Moti's audio/video. https://youtu.be/CQSWrYO_DlU 0:00-25:06 Background and Opposition 25:06-35:00 Overview of Gender Critical Feminism 35:00-50:00 Gender Critical vs “Mainstream”/“Liberal” Feminism 50:00-58:55 Engaging with “the... Continue Reading →

Why We Need More Standpoint Theory

by Sonia Zawitkowski ___ Women accept limited knowledge as their natural condition, a great human truth that a man may take a lifetime to reach.  – Camille Paglia (1) Camille Paglia wrote that women were psychologically prepared to tolerate the limitations of objectivity by the complexity and invisibility of their reproductive systems. Men, on the... Continue Reading →

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