Tag: Heritability

  • Analysis of Variance and Causation

    by David L. Duffy Energy, matter and mind, after Szekely & Rizzo 2017 I have been reading some papers from the philosophy of biology on “causal selection”. That is, the identification of those entities or variables that are the most important explanation of the behaviour of some feature of a complex biological system, which might […]

  • Oliver Mayo, Evolution by Natural Selection and Ethics: What in evolution has ethical implications?

    by David L. Duffy Mayo’s book is a meditation on/updating of Ferdinand Brunetière’s (1894) The morality of evolutionary theory. [1][2] Like Christian de Duve’s Genetics of original sin and the future of life,  Brunetière reckons Original Sin is explained by natural selection. [3] Mayo, however, prefers the Humean line on is-ought. This is an “outsider” […]