Why I’m Not a Cosmo-Globalist and other Musings of a Politically Homeless Philosopher

by Daniel A. Kaufman __ Extensive reading and numerous discussions about the recent UK election and its significance for the United States, as well as an argument with my friend and colleague, Massimo Pigliucci, on Twitter has forced me to confront the fact that I am more politically homeless than I have ever been. (1)... Continue Reading →

The Price of Freedom?

by David Ottlinger “This is the price of freedom.” Such were the thoughts of Bill O’Reilly upon receiving reports of nearly sixty people being fatally shot at an outdoor Las Vegas concert. (1) O’Reilly, it would seem, is able to crystallize his thoughts with enviable quickness. The quotation appeared in a short post only the... Continue Reading →

The President of the United States Addresses the Nation on Gun Control

By Daniel Kaufman A fantasy… ABC News, Special Report, with Pris Pruitt. Pris Pruitt: We are preempting our scheduled broadcast of Transgender Celebrity Housewives of Color in order to bring you the President of the United States, who momentarily will be giving a speech on the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, which claimed some... Continue Reading →

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