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  • Caring

    By Kevin Currie-Knight ___ Political and cultural polarization is on the rise. And it’s not just that we increasingly see things differently, but that we’re more hostile to views that differ from ours, often seeing them as threats rather than mere differences. Social media – and this likely bleeds into other online and real-life spaces […]

  • New Year Musings

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ 2020 will be remembered in the US for three things: the Covid-19 pandemic; racial unrest, rioting, looting, and vandalism across a number of American cities; and the defeat of Donald Trump by Joe Biden in the US presidential race. Beyond their qualities as spectacle, notable enough in their own right, […]

  • Mass Surveillance and the Citizen Image

    by Daniel Tippens ___ In discussions of mass surveillance, it is often taken as a given that the right to privacy protects something intrinsically valuable, viz, one’s privacy. But that privacy is inherently important is something that many people don’t take seriously. “Why should I care?” they say, “so long as I have done nothing […]