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  • Three Constraints on the Philosophy of Art

    by Daniel A. Kaufman _____ Preliminary Remarks After a brief hiatus in the last century, the search for a definition of ‘art’ has resumed with great vigour. Wittgensteinians may bemoan this as intellectual atavism, an anachronistic longing for “essences,” but I am inclined to think that the revival of the question of ‘art’ ’s definition […]

  • Mini Symposium on Truth: Quid Est Veritas?

    by E. John Winner ___ Most of what I know about logic I learned studying Aristotle, Kant, and Peirce.  However, I did take an introductory undergraduate course in symbolic logic.  The surprising take-away was that with a properly formed compound sentence, one could assert just about anything, and still hold the assertion, as a whole, […]