Forbidden Ideas

by Mark English ___ The English writer, actor and stand-up comedian, Alexei Sayle, was born into a seriously left-wing family (they were Communists), and he still adheres to what he sees as Marxist principles. This background shaped his life but did not entirely destroy his sense of humor. The title of his autobiography is Stalin... Continue Reading →

The California Dragon

by Bev Jackson ___ The word 'sex' is having a bit of a moment. Not in the bedroom sense, but in its sense of biological sex, male or female. When J.K. Rowling tweeted “If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased,” she ignited... Continue Reading →

Liberalism and the Question of “Cancel Culture”

by Kevin Currie-Knight Cancel culture - the idea that it is increasingly hard to voice unpopular ideas without risking serious consequence - is illiberal. At least that seems to be an increasingly (and maybe ironically) prevalent view. But, in important way, it is arguably quite liberal. Maybe cancel culture is both liberal and illiberal depending... Continue Reading →

What Ails our Discourse?

By David Ottlinger Only recently, I was on a long drive through the Midwest visiting family over the holidays. Driving through the Midwest, of course, means driving through hundreds of miles of cornfields until the grinding sameness wears you down. Then you have to stop at a fast food chain or, if you are lucky,... Continue Reading →


by Daniel A. Kaufman The current transgender moment It’s a strange time, now, on the cultural Left, with a lot of circular firing squad style activity going on, particularly between old guard feminists and mostly younger, transgender activists.  At the surface, the fight is over things like women’s colleges and other all-women’s spaces and whether... Continue Reading →

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