Terfs, Transwomen and Trekkies

by Miroslav Imbrišević ____ Recently I read a definition of ‘Terf’: they are “cis women who deny the womanhood of transwomen.” [https://www.zeit.de/zett/queeres-leben/2022-04/phenix-kuehnert-weiblichkeit-trans-frau]. That made me think about the question of group membership. How do you acquire it? Strangely, it is never through self-ID. Traditionally there are two routes: [1] via the current members; or [2]... Continue Reading →

On The Disgraceful treatment of Kathleen Stock

by Andrew Gleeson ____ Late last week British philosopher Kathleen Stock announced on Twitter her resignation from a professorship at the University of Sussex. This followed a long and vicious campaign against her over several years by radical transgender rights’ activists both on and off the university campus. Stock’s early work focused on aesthetics, but... Continue Reading →

Helen Joyce on her NEW book: Trans — When Ideology Meets Reality

by Daniel A. Kaufman _____ I talk with Helen Joyce, British editor of The Economist, about her new book: Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality (Simon & Schuster). https://youtu.be/YW9aPRyKnZk 5:00 The overall aim of Helen's new book. 11:20 The history and evolution of our conception of being transgender. 27:30 The current conception of being transgender, and... Continue Reading →

Dilemmas of Difference

by Kevin Currie-Knight _____ When confronted with those different from us, when should we notice and take the difference seriously, and when is it best to look past the difference and act as if it doesn’t exist? To use the language of a modern discussion, should we be “colorblind” and move to treat people of... Continue Reading →

On Sex and Gender Identity: Perspectives from Biology, Neuroscience and Philosophy

by Laeti Harris, Louise Moody, and Pam Thompson ____ Introduction This essay will explore the material qualities and political significance of the sexed human body, which has evolved in the service of sexual reproduction, although is not limited to that purpose. Our exploration is motivated by the relatively recent emergence in western cultures of campaigns... Continue Reading →

Legal Fictions: Changing Sex by Changing Gender

by Miroslav Imbrišević A couple of years ago the question ‘What is a woman?’ entered the public imagination. Germaine Greer said in 2015 that transgender women are not women, and the novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said in 2017: “A trans woman is a trans woman”. But the controversy about who falls under the category ‘woman’... Continue Reading →

Wider Than Science, Deeper Than Politics

by Mark English I once came across a cartoon from the early 20th century depicting a street scene with everyone – pedestrians, business people and even a cart-horse – looking puzzled and slightly confused. The wording of the caption I have forgotten, but it was along the lines that the theory of relativity had suddenly... Continue Reading →

Why We Need More Standpoint Theory

by Sonia Zawitkowski ___ Women accept limited knowledge as their natural condition, a great human truth that a man may take a lifetime to reach.  – Camille Paglia (1) Camille Paglia wrote that women were psychologically prepared to tolerate the limitations of objectivity by the complexity and invisibility of their reproductive systems. Men, on the... Continue Reading →

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