Why Rational People End Up In Echo Chambers

By Daniel Tippens In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, many have been searching for explanations for his victory.  Some anti-Trumpers cite sexism or nation-wide xenophobia, a distaste for the establishment, and so on.  Some Trumpers point to a distaste for politically correct culture, dissatisfaction with the Obama administration’s economic policies, and Clinton’s email scandal.... Continue Reading →

Well, this Oughta’ be Interesting…

by Dwayne Holmes On the night of the election, I went to bed thinking Hillary Clinton was going to win (though it might be a close shave electorally), Democrats could regain control of the Senate, and a third party (if lucky) might get the numbers needed for national success in future elections. I was in... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Times: Thoughts on the US Presidential Election

by Mark English “Could fear of Trump rattle Stoics, while fear of death finds no purchase?” Dwayne Holmes was alluding to self-styled Stoic Massimo Pigliucci's readiness – in the face of the possibility of a Trump presidency – to endorse over-the-top, emotion-driven political analysis. [1] Panic levels are certainly high in liberal and progressive circles,... Continue Reading →

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