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  • Twenty-Five Things Everyone Used to Understand

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ What strikes me more than anything about our current moment is how utterly alien the dominant zeitgeist is from that of just a few decades ago. Increasingly, I find myself unable even to comprehend people’s reactions to social, political, and cultural developments, let alone identify with them. This rather abrupt…

  • The Inevitable Impossibility

    by E. John Winner ___   Born to die Some German theorist came up with the idea that primitive peoples approach death as always a mysterious, even incomprehensible, visitation to the tribal community, requiring avoidance and always met with fear.  He must have been thinking of the faculty at his university. Actually, the archaeological and…

  • Tribalism, Community, and Politics

    by Daniel A. Kaufman My discussion with Robert Wright on the moral and cultural dimensions of the election.  Originally aired on MeaningofLife.TV, November 14, 2016.