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  • Politics and personal values; Taiwan and U.S. interventionism

    by Mark English ____ Personal and political values can be intertwined in complicated ways and, even within close families, there are often serious, politically-driven divides. Mark English talks about the way his own foreign policy views and attitudes have changed. He refers to the influence of his father on his own views and also to […]

  • Chinese General’s Daughter

    by Mark English ____ Mark English recounts some details of the life, character, beliefs and attitudes of a remarkable woman. Her father was a Chinese general and a colleague of Mao Zedong. As a very small child — during the chaos of the Cultural Revolution — she was sent to the countryside for a time […]


    by Robert Gressis ____ In this episode of Everyday Philosophers, I talked with Yvonne Chiu (US Naval War College) about what it’s like to teach at a military institution (no, you can’t make your students do push-ups) and her research on the unsustainability of soft authoritarianism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eSouHxnkqg&feature=youtu.be 0:03:29​ The US Naval War College: “where is […]

  • Thought Control and Cultural Decline

    by Mark English ___ Late last year I wrote a piece about censorship and humor, alluding to the fact that in times of oppression and excessive censorship, humor tends to bubble up and create a space for the expression of dissenting thoughts and feelings. The self-expression involved here may be controlled and deliberate (as in […]

  • How Racism Abroad Exposes Domestic Racism

    By Nathan Eckstrand George Yancy’s April 29th article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “The Ugly Truth About Being a Black Professor in America,” (1) quoted numerous threats Yancy received in response to his earlier New York Times op-ed, “Dear White America” (2). The Chronicle’s May 3rd follow-up confirmed that many see racism in higher […]