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  • What the [Bleep] Can we Know? Montaigne and the “Apology for Raymond Sebond.”

    By Kevin Currie-Knight ___ [The following is a transcript of the video linked at the end.] My sense is that the world today is too full of confidence in belief. It seems like today, it is imperative not only to have a belief about everything – the right politics, the right stance toward religion, what […]

  • A Journey Through Grief

    by Peter Smith __ 53 years ago, I married my sweetheart. After two children and two grandchildren I looked back with contentment on a good marriage and a wonderful family. Then came the devastating news. Following the death of my son five years earlier, my wife Jenny would now also die. She was diagnosed with […]

  • Death and the Icon

    E. John Winner ___ Let us begin with a technical clarification, by way of a discussion of the semiotic status of icons. An icon is a powerful representation, not only of an object or a person, but of the concept of that object or person; a reminder of what it is the perceiver of the […]