Gender: What is it good for? (Absolutely Nothing)

by Sonia Zawitkowski ___ Every time I see another “gender bread person” poster, or the thousandth parrot with no prior contemplation and zero actual understanding that “sex is between your legs and gender between your ears,” I become increasingly tempted to nominate inventor of gender, Dr. John Money, as the number one person I would... Continue Reading →

Liberalism and Kitsch

by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ On a number of occasions, I have defended what I’ve been calling “procedural liberalism” on the grounds that in large pluralistic societies (a) one cannot expect one’s fellow citizens to share a common, substantive conception of the good, and (b) one cannot expect that one’s “community,” in the sense of... Continue Reading →

Misadventures in the Dialectic (or A Nasty Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)

by E. John Winner Thus precisely in labour where there seemed to be merely some outsider’s mind and ideas involved, the bondsman becomes aware, through this re-discovery of himself by himself, of having and being a ‘mind of his own.' [1] When Hegel, in the Phenomenology of Mind, makes an abrupt transition from epistemology per... Continue Reading →

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