Debussy, Chicken Piccata, and Racist Beethoven

by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ One of my favorite Debussy compositions, played exquisitely. Outstanding talk by Brian Leiter on the “Hermeneutics of Suspicion.” Two fantastically simple recipes that I have made recently, and which are excellent. Chili Chicken Piccata Oliver Traldi’s Very Polite Evisceration of Kate Manne’s Latest Effort in Polemics... Continue Reading →

In Beethoven’s Shadow

by Mark English “Are you mad?” “But you asked me to play.” “I asked you to play. If you can't think of anything better, play a chromatic scale or a five-finger exercise, but spare me your suburban shopgirl trash.” This exchange comes from a very popular movie of the 1940s, The Seventh Veil. (1) A... Continue Reading →

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