The Summit and the Battle

by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ I won’t shock you when I point out how nasty and unproductive social media arguments often are. I’ve also come to find them repetitive and predictable, which is why I recently wrote about my decision to pare down my already thin presence on social media. Here, I want to think a... Continue Reading →

Texts [That] Don’t Care

by Kevin Currie-Knight ___ I am preparing for a course I teach and that means deciding between a number of books that I could assign. As always, the experience reminds me how much I prefer assigning texts whose meaning is either opaque or whose arguments are incomplete or even objectionable. Since I teach future teachers,... Continue Reading →

No Contest

by Dwayne Holmes Whatever I thought about Muhammad Ali, as a boxer, it all changed when I saw When We Were Kings. (1) For those who haven't seen it, the movie documents a fight between Ali and George Foreman, which took place in Africa. It was a match I'd heard about, one that I knew... Continue Reading →

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