Tag: Academic Freedom

  • Open Letter Concerning Academic Freedom

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ Alex Byrne has brought it to my attention that my Open Letter defending Kathleen Stock and academic freedom in the University, with its sizeable roster of remarkable signatories, is no longer available at Google Sites, where it was originally posted, in January 2021. I originally composed the letter with the […]

  • On The Disgraceful treatment of Kathleen Stock

    by Andrew Gleeson ____ Late last week British philosopher Kathleen Stock announced on Twitter her resignation from a professorship at the University of Sussex. This followed a long and vicious campaign against her over several years by radical transgender rights’ activists both on and off the university campus. Stock’s early work focused on aesthetics, but […]

  • Academic Freedom In the Age of Social Media

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ David Labaree (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University) and I talk about the history and meaning of academic freedom. We discuss whether there ever has been a “golden age” where academics were safe to be heterodox (no), and what academic freedom means in an age of social media and the in-group policing it […]

  • Free Speech and Academic freedom in 2020: A Conversation with David Ottlinger

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ EA’s own David Ottlinger and I discuss the ongoing efforts to silence, de-platform, and otherwise “Cancel” Professor Kathleen Stock, of the University of Sussex for her work and activism on sex and gender related issues; the Daily Nous’s treatment of this subject; and the more general question of the capacity […]

  • An Open Letter Concerning Academic Freedom [And in defense of kathleen stock]

    by Daniel A. Kaufman Last week, some of the Usual Suspects in Woke Philosophy published an Open Letter singling out Professor Kathleen Stock of the University of Sussex for condemnation, accusing her of “furthering gender oppression” and “contributing to violence against trans people.” Those who have followed the chronicles of philosophy’s Woke Set published in […]