Our aim is to maintain a diverse stable of contributors, so as to insure that we publish content that is both eclectic and consistent over time.  Each of our current contributors brings a distinctive educational and professional background to the topics on which they write.

While we will accept one-off pieces for publication, we prefer for you to become one of our regular writers.  Featured contributors are expected to produce at least one piece for us, per month, in order to maintain their status.

A publishable essay is one that falls within the broad mission of The Electric Agora, as described in our Mission Statement, is thoughtful, well-written, entertaining to read, and extends the reader’s understanding in some discernible way.  Stylistically, essays should eschew technical jargon and academic prose-style, and should be pitched roughly at the level you would find in an essay published in the New York Review of Books or Times Literary Supplement.

Those who are invited to submit will be provided with a detailed style-sheet that will go into our stylistic requirements in more detail.

Submissions may be sent to We look forward to hearing from you!

The Editors.

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