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Election Roundup

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, many of our contributors would like to share their reactions with our readers. So, over the next week, we will feature their essays in quick succession constituting an “election roundup.” We hope that our readers will join us in the comments beneath each article, engaging our contributors in nuanced dialogue about this year’s […]

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American Foreign Policy in a Changing World

by Mark English I have previously drawn attention to the neo-conservative elements of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy orientation and spoken of the dangers (as I see them) of a resurgence of such policies. [1] At the time I wrote my previous piece on this topic (before the first TV debate), the polls were narrowing and the trend favored Trump. Subsequently, […]

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Hegel’s Logical Consciousness

E. John Winner The knowledge, which is at the start or immediately our object, can be nothing else than just that which is immediate knowledge, knowledge of the immediate, of what is. We have, in dealing with it, to proceed, too, in an immediate way, to accept what is given, not altering anything in it as it is presented before […]

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