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  • Electric Agora shutting down, new media venture launching soon

    Today we are shutting down all activities for The Electric Agora and will soon be archiving the site. The social media accounts for The Electric Agora were hacked and posts on those accounts are not us – please unfollow/block/report those accounts. A new media venture by Daniel Kaufman featuring many of Electric Agora’s regular contributors […]

  • Growing Up Metal

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ Though not really Metal – something I’ll try to define at some point – my first love for hard rock music came when I was in the third grade, in the form of the band KISS.  It was 1976, and KISS was perceived as edgy and dangerous and could be […]

  • Three Japanese Films

    by Mark English ____ Japanese filmmakers have always admired certain European and American models and in many cases were well-read in Western literature. It is hardly surprising, then, that Western influences are evident and European and American references and allusions occur very frequently in early and mid-20th century Japanese films. Not all such references are […]

  • Kafkatraps, Cults, and Conspiracy Theories

    by Robert Gressis ___ I talk with Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) about Kafkatraps. Kafkatrapping is a rhetorical technique where an objection to a particular charge will be used as evidence of that charge. (Are you a communist? If you say “no,” that just shows how sneaky a communist you are.) Rob and Kevin talk […]

  • Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and community college

    by Robert Gressis ____ I talked with Alberto Mendoza-Larreynaga (Adjunct Professor of philosophy at Antelope Valley College) about what it’s like to teach philosophy in a community college, as well as writing an ever-changing textbook addressed to community college students. 01:59​ The students at Antelope Valley College 08:06​ How do you teach students academic […]

  • Four Lectures on danto

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ The complete lecture notes and video for my unit on Danto, in my upper-division Aesthetics course, PHI 320. Danto 1 ____ In my view Danto’s Transfiguration of the Commonplace represents the most sophisticated, best effort to define ‘art’ in what I have called “the New Wave” in the Philosophy of […]

  • knowledge is power

    by James Pannucci ____ Knowledge is power. We’ve all heard this, but what does it mean, and where did this concept come from? Historically, it is attributed to Francis Bacon, an English philosopher from the late 1500’s and early 1600’s. He was a key Renaissance philosopher making major contributions to scientific methodology and the topic […]

  • further thoughts on kafkatraps

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ____ I’ve written about Kafkatraps before, but there is so much more to say about these deceptively powerful rhetorical devices. In my previous article, I proposed a new way to think about Kafkatraps and what they do. Here, I want to think about how Kafkatraps are often used in groups that seek […]

  • The Underground Marriage

    by Anonymous One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that an unjust law is no law at all.  – Martin Luther King, Jr. ___ Hope is a double-edged sword. When I was […]

  • Value and Objectivity

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ____ Recent exchanges with Robert Gressis and Spencer Case have led me to think a lot about obligation and objectivity.  My focus thus far has been on the question of force, and my main goal has been to show that accounting for it is not made easier – or facilitated in […]