Our Mission

The Ancient Greek symposia were gatherings of men of intelligence and good family to recline in comfort, eat, drink, and converse, on all manner of subjects. And though we no longer conceive of this as something only men or aristocrats do, the activity itself remains a pleasurable and valuable one, and we count ourselves fortunate when we find a circle of good, thoughtful people with whom to engage in it.

In the 21st century, the internet makes it possible to create such gatherings in cyberspace and to draw participants from around the globe. The Electric Agora seeks to capitalize on this remarkable technology and the opportunity that it presents for socializing around matters of common interest, both intellectual and aesthetic.

We seek to engage in thoughtful and entertaining conversation on philosophy and its many points of intersection with the humanities, the physical and social sciences, the arts, politics, and popular culture, sometimes, with a dash of humor added to the mix.

Our stable of contributors covers a wide spectrum of expertise and interest, and they and we look forward to seeing you in the Agora!


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