Epiphanies and Moral Life

by Kevin Currie-Knight


Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University) talks with Kevin (East Carolina University) about her book Epiphanies: An Ethics of Experience. (Oxford: 2022) They talk about what epiphanies are, why they should count as a type of reason (often more persuasive than more formal conceptions of reason), and why philosophers should better appreciate their role in everyday moral life.


00:00 Intros, and Why Sophie Teaches at the Open University 5:37 – What Are Epiphanies and Why Are They Important to Philosophy? 16:06 – How Moral Experience and Thinking Work in the Real World 21:08 – Epiphanic Experience, Empathy, and the Debate Over Abortion Rights 29:03 – Epiphanies and Moral Monism, Relativism and (Sophie’s Preference) Pluralism 47:18 – Why Are Most Philosophers Reluctant to Acknowledge “Noncognitive” Factors in Moral Life?