A Conversation with Holly Lawford-Smith

by Moti Gorin


Moti Gorin (Colorado State) talks with Holly Lawford-Smith (University of Melbourne) about her new book, “Gender Critical Feminism” (Oxford University Press). Please pardon us for some choppiness in Moti’s audio/video.

0:0025:06 Background and Opposition 25:0635:00 Overview of Gender Critical Feminism 35:0050:00 Gender Critical vs “Mainstream”/“Liberal” Feminism 50:0058:55 Engaging with “the Literature” and “Ameliorative” Philosophy 58:551:14:30 Feminism and Intersectionality 1:14:301:28:24 Feminism and the Sex Industry

Moti Gorin is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Colorado State University.

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  1. Gender affectation aside, what is a woman? A previously trite question has caused quite a stir. Is there only the biological essentialism, or is neural physiology/wiring sufficient? Can we discount lived experience in a social cultural context of biological sexual dichotomy?

    These choices have created a minefield of contradictions in the feminist movements that often boil down to, maybe I can’t explain the gestalt of what is an adult female but I know one when I see one. Are you sure?

  2. I especially enjoyed the talk from around 40:00 when more and more interesting points are covered, and more and more arguments are explored along with their counter arguments.

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