Individualism and cultural embeddedness

by Mark English


Mark English talks about his general goal of presenting and defending a form of individualism which takes seriously our cultural embeddedness, noting that universal political prescriptions – to the extent that they can be applied at all – are rarely successful. He refers to the surprising origins of neo-liberalism in Europe in the 1930s. The European neo-liberals were keen to distance themselves from earlier, laissez-faire approaches to economics and emphasized the importance of cultural factors.


2 responses to “Individualism and cultural embeddedness”

  1. Marc Levesque

    Enjoyed. A bit short, but I can’t complain. Individualism and cultural embeddedness, like close reading, are topics I’m very interested in and we all can benefit from.

  2. And you can be too embedded as in ‘embedded journalists’ and ‘the narrative’, ‘received version’, etc. It may be a good thing to adopt another country and patria and become a Francophile, Anglophile, Russophile, Indophile, Americanophile and so on. I mean to enter into their culture, to find a spiritual resource in their literature and folk-ways.