The (Im)Possibility of Discussion on Social Media

by Kevin Currie-Knight


Sheena Mason (SUNY Oneonta) and Kevin Currie-Knight dialogue about the perils and promises of discussion on social media. (Sheena is more optimistic about the potential than Kevin is.) Along the way, they talk about perspectives on truth and whether humans are capable of getting it in an objective way, the postmodern-y fiction of Percival Everett, and the incentive structure of social and legacy media.

0:41 – Some online heat Sheena is getting about an article she published at Free Black Thought (link below). 9:43 – Why Kevin is Increasingly Pessimistic About Conversation on Social Media (and Why Sheena Isn’t). 36:24 – Is (Constantly) Defending Positions in Public Forums Overrated? 47:21 – Is Social Media as Great When You Have Increasingly Less Faith in Objective Moral/Political Truths? 1:07:06 – Was Postmodernism Too Liberal in Its Assumptions? Do People Need to Feel Like Their Beliefs are Grounded and Objective?

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3 responses to “The (Im)Possibility of Discussion on Social Media”

  1. This is a great conversation, and I think Sheena is a really terrific interlocutor. Glad to see it looks like you two are settling into a regular series. If you ever think of anything the three of us could talk about together, I’d love it.

  2. s. wallerstein

    A three way conversation would be great!!!

    Kevin, I always enjoy your conversations with Sheena.

  3. Terranbiped

    Sheena and Kevin; you two get into such an easy rhythm that it is always a joy to listen. I can’t say you broke any new ground here but I completely commiserate with two souls who from the rational middle, view the inanity of the impulsive extremes.

    Cognitive empathy, steel manning, objectivity, and compromise are rarely exercised qualities especially when social media acts as a synergistic enzyme for tribalism and staking ideological markers.

    Considering the profound effect social media is perpetuating on the mental health of the impressionable young and the social fabric at large I would think it advisable that social media as a subject, be incorporated into the public school social studies curricula. An attempt to teach how to psychologically navigate, understand the positive aspects and risks and pitfalls. As it is now, the tail is ever increasingly wagging the dog and further causing injury to a divided nation and vulnerable individuals.