by Robert Gressis


In this episode of Everyday Philosophers, I talked with Yvonne Chiu (US Naval War College) about what it’s like to teach at a military institution (no, you can’t make your students do push-ups) and her research on the unsustainability of soft authoritarianism.

0:03:29 The US Naval War College: “where is it?”, “Do you teach … tactics?!”, and other such questions 13:23 Teaching at the US Naval War College compared to the University of Hong Kong; the key word is “diplomatic” 26:50 Alone at the Hoover Institution :29:02 What “soft” authoritarianism is 38:41 Why soft authoritarianism (at least in south Asia) is unsustainable 54:24 The sustainability and attractiveness of China’s hard authoritarianism 58:33 Trump, China, and authoritarian countries 1:05:26 Is China exceptional, or should we expect more hard authoritarian governments to start getting rich? 1:07:33 Does China have a lot of paid operatives in the USA?


  1. Well, this is just fantastic. A deep, detailed dive into what it’s like to teach at the Naval War College, which is not easy to come by. Yvonne is terrific. Thank you so much!

  2. Really enjoyed Robert’s child like enthusiasm and curiosity asking the basics. Yvonne was a an effervescent joy.
    Couldn’t imagine this exchange taken place in a CCP styled society.

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