the history and uses of the devil

by Kevin Currie-Knight


Stephen Davies (Institute of Economic Studies) chats with me about his new book, A Street-wise Guide to the Devil. [Edward Everett Root, 2021] We talk about the (monotheistic) history of the Devil, why the Devil keeps hanging around, his role in contemporary moral panics, and more.

6:13 – Why/How the Devil Had to Come About Within Monotheistic Religion 21:48 – A Reinterpretation of Milton Leads to the Devil Being Worshipped as a Rebel 30:10 – Satanic Burials, Satan’s Role in Free Will, and Whether Satan-Worshippers Misunderstand Satan 40:46 – Why Does the Devil Keep Hanging Around in a Christian (or Post-Christian?) World? 49:58 – The Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Scandal(s) and The Devil’s Starring Role 59:58 – Why the Devil is Necessary in a World So Influenced by Christianity.


5 responses to “the history and uses of the devil”

  1. henryharlow

    Thanks very much for doing this interview. I got some new perspectives from listening to it. I very much recall the satanic abuse phase or should I say panic maybe. It was 1990 in my USA large city and I organized a seminar for the community that was headlined by a Chicago police detective. I organized that seminar as part of a community relations event for a private substance abuse treatment center. I must admit at the time I did not believe what was said but the event was well attended and indeed covered by the local TV media as the assertions were indeed sensational.

  2. henryharlow

    Just ran across this article in the NY Times today published on 3 31 21: “It Is Time To Revisit the Satanic Panic”

  3. Marc Levesque


    Enjoyed your interview with Stephen Davies a lot. Helped me put these beliefs in perspective, historically and at a cultural level globally.

  4. Yeah, I’ve always really liked Davies. I’m glad Kevin managed to get him.

  5. zeusboredom

    Really interesting survey of this subject. Thank you Kevin Currie-Knight (and Electric Agora) for having Stephen Davies on.