Life of a philosophy youtuber … and postmodernism

by Kevin Currie-Knight


In this wide ranging discussion, Kevin talks with YouTuber Lewis Waller, of the philosophy/history YouTube channel Then and Now (…). They talk about YouTube as a venue for intellectual content, how and why Lewis does what he does with his channel, how Postmodernism influences his (and Kevin’s) intellectual approach, and more.

00:00:04​ – Introductions and Elon Musk, Not Necessarily in That Order 00:04:42​ – How Lewis Got Started as a YouTuber with Then and Now 00:12:36​ – YouTube, “Democratized” Media and Changes in How Knowledge Circulates 00:22:24​ – The Economics (and Day-to-Day) of Being an Independent Content Creator 00:34:08​ – What Lewis is Working on Next: A (Postmodern?) History of the Enlightenment 00:46:06​ – The Weaponization of Postmodernism (Particularly on the Cultural Right) 00:53:48​ – Are We Living in Postmodern Times? Is This For the Good or the Bad… or Both? 01:00:22​ – Lewis: Modernism and Postmodernism are Two Sides of the Same Coin, Kevin: Postmodernism is a Diagnosis, Not a Cause.


3 responses to “Life of a philosophy youtuber … and postmodernism”

  1. Then and Now is one of my favorite YouTube channels:)

  2. kevinck

    One of mine too! As I say in the video, it is one of the two projects I find worthy enough to support on Patreon. I’m completely jealous of Lewis’s artistic abilities. This was also one conversation that I was super-nervous for. As it turns out, Lewis is a great and friendly person, and we actually talked for about 1.5 hours AFTER stopping the record. (One of those conversations where one person says “Alright, well, I’d let you go,” and somehow, the conversation starts back up.

    We’ll probably do another chat after he does some more videos in his History of the Enlightenment series so that we have some more stuff to talk about.

  3. Interesting discussion, rich with ideas and perspectives.