Month: January 2021

  • Religion without Spirituality

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ [This essay first appeared on my original – now defunct – blog Apophenia. At the time, I was very involved with our local synagogue and Jewish community, and my daughter was on the cusp of her Bat-Mitzvah. While I am not involved in this way today and though I would […]

  • Two Introductory lectures on ethical theory

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ This semester, I am once again teaching all-online [hopefully for the last time].  Here are the two opening lectures for my Ethics and Contemporary Issues course, in which I give a brief overview of ethical theory.  Below them you will find the lecture notes that accompany the videos and which […]

  • Thought Control and Cultural Decline

    by Mark English ___ Late last year I wrote a piece about censorship and humor, alluding to the fact that in times of oppression and excessive censorship, humor tends to bubble up and create a space for the expression of dissenting thoughts and feelings. The self-expression involved here may be controlled and deliberate (as in […]

  • Talking and Not Talking in the Age of Social Media

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ___ Not everything you want to say is worth saying, especially to large audiences. To see this, imagine that the year is 1982. A football assistant coach doesn’t know it yet, but he will be fired from his job for making ill-advised political comments. After the team’s recent game, this fictitious coach […]

  • An Open Letter Concerning Academic Freedom [And in defense of kathleen stock]

    by Daniel A. Kaufman Last week, some of the Usual Suspects in Woke Philosophy published an Open Letter singling out Professor Kathleen Stock of the University of Sussex for condemnation, accusing her of “furthering gender oppression” and “contributing to violence against trans people.” Those who have followed the chronicles of philosophy’s Woke Set published in […]

  • Substack, patreon and the problem of free expression

    by Kevin Currie-Knight ___ We live at a time where we simultaneously hear much about the rise of censorship, and where it has never been so easy to disseminate information and opinion. They are problematically censoring my speech, so I am writing a blog post about it informed by a plethora of freely available podcasts […]

  • Deplorable reasoning: Prepare for the apocalypse!

    by E. John Winner ___ Let’s begin with a prediction (likely, but not the only option so, given the unpredictably of the Reality TV President in the White House as I write): On January 20, 2021, two inaugurations for the Presidency will take place. One will happen in Washington, the legally determined official inauguration of […]