Free Philosophy!

by Daniel A. Kaufman

The novel coronavirus has caused my university to shift to all-online instruction.  Consequently, I have been posting video lectures (in lieu of in-class lectures) on my YouTube Channel, in dedicated playlists.  For those who are interested, here are the links to these playlists, to which content will be added regularly through the end of the semester in May.

PHI 115: Ethics and Contemporary Issues Playlist

PHI 320: Aesthetics Playlist

The rest of the channel includes selected dialogues from the Sophia program I host on BloggingHeads.TV.






10 responses to “Free Philosophy!”

  1. s. wallerstein


    The links don’t work. It says “video unavailable”.

  2. Hmm, I don’t know why. I’m able to watch all the videos in the playlist.

  3. s. wallerstein

    I’ll try to see if I can find them directly in Youtube.

  4. s. wallerstein

    That works fine. Thanks.

  5. The links in your email result in Video Unavailable. Clicking on a video on this page brings up a single video, but I don’t see how to get from there to a playlist.

  6. Rick Repetti


    Awesome. Can I share these widely?

    Best regards,

    Prof. Rick Repetti
    Dept. of History, Philosophy & Political Science

  7. Hmm. I haven’t had any trouble. Checked all the videos twice.

  8. Use the link for the channel i gave to S. Wallerstein