Mini-Symposium on Sex and Gender: My Discussion with Jane Clare Jones

by Daniel A. Kaufman


My discussion with Jane Clare Jones on sex, gender, feminism, progressivism, and liberalism. Originally aired on MeaningofLife.TV, Monday, July 8, 2019.







5 responses to “Mini-Symposium on Sex and Gender: My Discussion with Jane Clare Jones”

  1. DW

    This was an interesting conversation. I do hope that it works out that you can do further discussions with Jones in the future. You mentioned doing one on analytic/continental philosophy which might be promising. But I think an even better topic would be various conceptions of liberalism and the political structures we need to be able to take on big, long term problems.

    To take on monopoly and other problems of corporate power, to address global warming and other environmental issues, to reduce the ongoing effects of decades or centuries of discrimination and persecution, and many other such problems that are large in scale and have extensive path dependencies, we need institutions that are large enough, powerful enough, and competent enough to take on the job. It is hard to come up with political theory that reconciles this with a robust protection of individual autonomy in people’s day to day lives. Harder still is to build political movements that seriously pursue both.

    Considering both your differences and your overlap, I think you and Jones could have a productive discussion of some of these issues.

  2. s. wallerstein

    Of all the conversations of yours I’ve listened to this one interested me the most.

    We have at least one thing in common. During my last couple relationship I too did all the cooking and food-shopping. Unlike you, I’m not an especially good cook, but I am an expert fruit and vegetable shopper and bargainer in the open-air produce market.

    If you keep talking to real leftists like Brian Leiter and Jane Clare Jones, you are going to end on the left in spite of yourself, I mean the real left, not the cry-baby left. We’d welcome you abroad.

  3. Terri

    She was an excellent interview.

  4. Peter DO Smith

    …raising children well is probably the most important role that anyone performs


    And this is where the problem starts. Society is devaluing children implicitly.
    I think the great contribution of feminism is to make child rearing more inclusive.

    This is an excellent interview.

  5. Peter DO Smith

    Men are more spatially oriented

    I saw this play out repeatedly while walking in groups through the mountains.

    “Narcissistic invulnerability” – does this sound like Stoicism?