Bernard Williams, Blackadder, and Latkes


by Daniel A. Kaufman

Terrific piece on the philosophy of Bernard Williams

Bad Religion, Live in 1989 (Complete show)

Talk Talk, “Life’s What You Make it” Live in 1986

Hilary Putnam on Naïve Realism and Qualia

Comprehensive Documentary on the Incomparable Black Adder

Chanukah May be Over but Here’s a Great Latkes Recipe


  1. I always meant to follow up on Bernard Williams’ later work. His Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy impressed me greatly. I also share his attitudes to science and truth (and side with him against Rorty), and also his respect for the classical world and classical values. But I have reservations about his politics (until 1981 married to Shirley Williams, a former senior Labour politician who helped destroy the grammar school system). He was planning to write about his own personal political history apparently but never did.

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