Michelangelo, Humanism, and Christianity

My dialogue with Crispin Sartwell of Dickinson College on Michelangelo, Humanism, and Christianity.  Originally aired on the Sophia program, MeaningofLife.TV, March 1, 2018.




Crispin’s essay on Splicetoday:




4 responses to “Michelangelo, Humanism, and Christianity”

  1. DW

    These conversations with Sartwell are very lively and have been quite interesting. I plan to watch this one again in a few weeks–lots to absorb. I hope you guys will do more soon.

    I haven’t thought about Renaissance art much for years since my deep interests in art are mostly Modern. But I will have to think about your idea that the Northern Renaissance is an organic evolution from the Middle Ages while the Southern is dominated by an exogenous Classical Revival.

    Any chance that you might do a program on Modern Art? Something that included Matisse and Diebenkorn would be particularly appealing.

  2. I am a huge modern art fan. I’d like to do something on American vs European abstraction.

  3. DW

    Oh, I’d certainly like that.

  4. dmf

    I was reminded of Richard Rorty’s writing (pace folks like Heidegger) on Donald Davidson’s work on living vs dead metaphors and how if novel/inspirational assemblages (like Jesus as Christ) are to have public (even institutional) afterlives (pardon the pun) they will have to be instrumentalized/routinized and even bureaucratized, the question for me is how to avoid the tyranny of the means and to remain open to new events, new possibilities. There are obvious political instantiations of this but one also sees it in aestheric realms as to say questions of what is or isn’t ‘real’ jazz, not hard to hear some of Wittgenstein on familial resemblances here.