Month: January 2018

  • Reflections on Relativism, Reputations, Language and Morality

    by Mark English 1: The dangers of relativism 1.1  Some recent discussions about the French far right got me thinking about narratives, morality, rhetoric and reputations. 1.2  It was suggested that moral relativism was an insidious force that opened the way for collaborationism in the past and threatens today to return us to a depraved […]

  • What is it Like to be a Philosopher?, Mass Effect, Israeli-Style Hummus, and More

    by Daniel A. Kaufman Interview with our own Dan Kaufman, over at What is it Like to Be a Philosopher? Conor Friedersdorf’s take on Cathy Newman’s disastrous interview with Prof. Jordan Peterson, on Britain’s Channel 4, gets at the heart of what is wrong with contemporary public discourse. Ian Ground on Why Wittgenstein […]

  • Announcement: From Around the Web

    The Editors We are pleased to announce a new feature at EA, “Around the Web,” where you will find links to items of interest that we and our contributors have found in the course of our excursions into cyberspace.

  • Notes on Conservatism, Liberalism and Some Other Political Orientations

    by Daniel A. Kaufman ___ It is to be counted as a blessing that two of our most fundamental political terms, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, wear their meanings on their sleeves, if only because, as George Orwell has observed, confusion in language is typically accompanied by a corresponding disarray in thought. (1)  We must deem it […]

  • Goods, Attitudes and Some Alleged Duties (to Animals and Other Things)

    by Daniel A. Kaufman My friend and colleague Elizabeth Foreman has introduced a new version of an agent-centered moral philosophy, according to which the relevant locus of moral assessment is our attitudes, which can be either morally “appropriate” or “inappropriate,” depending on certain “normative facts” about their objects.  Her main interest in developing this account […]

  • Truth and Justice

    by Mark English It seems from a slew of documents that have made their way into the public domain over the last year or so that the FBI and the Department of Justice have become unacceptably politicized, allowing political considerations to affect internal decision-making. No doubt there always has been and always will be a […]

  • In Sight. Out of Touch.

    by E. John Winner The “private individual” is a rather late development in human culture. I could make that case by discussing poetry (especially from the Romantics) or psychology (not by analysis, but by discussing the confidentiality of the therapy session), but I’d rather get into the grit of life that every human confronts at […]

  • New Year Musings

    by Daniel A. Kaufman The New Year has always struck me as a time not for resolutions, but for musings.  Here are some from this New Year, in the order in which they occurred to me. ___ The future is not very futuristic. One can drive down significant stretches of road – even in densely […]