Please Welcome the Electric Agora’s Newest Contributor, Lillie Sauer

Lillie Sauer is working towards graduating from Missouri State University in 2018, with a BS in Philosophy and Psychology. After dabbling in the biological sciences, interested in pursuing research opportunities in the field of neuroscience, she decided to finish her undergraduate degree with the addition of a second major in philosophy. In doing so, she was happily able to reconcile her passion for the study of the human brain with her deep curiosity about the nature of the mind. She hopes to continue this joint endeavor with future graduate studies in philosophy and cognitive science, with the short-term goal of teaching college-level students. Outside of her studies, she enjoys spending too much time playing action-adventure video games, helping others to enjoy the wonders of coffee through her part-time dream job at The Coffee Ethic, and hanging out with her best friend/husband, Trenton, and cat, Jinjo.







3 responses to “Please Welcome the Electric Agora’s Newest Contributor, Lillie Sauer”

  1. labnut

    Welcome to the Agora, Lillie. You bring an important new perspective and I look forward to it.

  2. Welcome. Nice to have someone with a similar edu-professional interest, and look forward to seeing your position (if not in essays then commentary) on brain/mind issues.

  3. philpollack

    Welcome, Lillie! Looking forward to your future writings.