Please Welcome the Electric Agora’s Newest Contributor: Craig (“CJ”) Uberroth

Craig (CJ) Uberroth graduated from Missouri State University with a B.S.Ed in Mathematics, where he focused primarily on set and ring theory as well as number theory. Teaching was a great dream of his, one that he realized directly after completing his undergraduate study. Nevertheless, he continues to read and study mathematics in his spare time. CJ also has great interest in the history of mathematics and the philosophy of literature.  He is currently a calculus and computer science high school teacher in Blanco, Texas.  As of the summer 2017, he also will be teaching a statistics course for the University of Texas’ high school “On-Ramps” program and continuing to advance his knowledge of Euler, Godel and all of the other great mathematicians.






2 responses to “Please Welcome the Electric Agora’s Newest Contributor: Craig (“CJ”) Uberroth”

  1. Lucy

    What a fascinating essay! Thanks CJ!

  2. labnut

    Welcome to the Agora. You bring a new skill set that is sure to inspire, stimulate or provoke. I look forward to the resulting conversation.